Leslie (promised) wrote in magicalpenpals,

Hi there. :)

Name: Leslie
Age: 30
Birthday: March 28
Gender: Female
Location: Florida
E-mail: milkysea@hereafterthis.org (this forwards to a gmail account)

Religion: I'm more spiritual than religious. I consider myself kind of bufft-style. I probably identify more with pagan. But I am very fascinated with catholicism as an interest.
Language: English. I am also trying to learn American Sign Language on my own.
Interests: karaoke, online Star Trek gaming, mythology, photography, spirituality, sewing(just learning), working with my support group, video games, card games, table-top RPGs, acting in a community theater, making graphics, blogging, etc..
Music: I love a little bit of everything. My style ranges from musicals to Lady Gaga to indie people that most don't know about (like Michal Towber or Alisan Porter) & I love anything by Glee.
Movies: Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Terminator series, Avatar, Prince of Persia, Inception, Empire Records (my favorite movie of all time!), LOTR, Neverending Story, Other Boleyn Girl, Paranormal Activity, Repo: The Genetic Opera, anything Disney, etc..
Books: I will read anything at least once. I love classic literature & love reading poetry. Also fantasy & science fiction.
TV: Walking Dead, Buffy,Lost, Ghost Adventures, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, documentaries, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, etc

Handwrite/Typing: Either is fine with me. I will probably handwrite. I may type if I need to.
Length of Letters: 2-3 pages usually.
Sending Gifts: Small ones maybe. I think it depends on the people.
Time till Response: As fast as I can do it. I have a busy life sometimes & it's hard to find quiet time to myself.
Age of Penpal: I'd prefer 25+. Close to my age would be nice.
Male/Female: Either is fine with me.
Where Do You Want Them To Be From?: United States. Though I might be open to other places as long as there isn't a language barrier.
How Long Have You Been Penpaling?: Ever since I was a kid.
How Many Do You Want?: 2-3 maybe.
What Are You Looking For In a Penpal?: I would like similar interests, a connection.
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