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 Name: Karen but I tend to go by Valdis.
Age: 23
Birthday: 1/27/1988
Gender: Female
Location:  Southern Illinois

Religion: Pagan. 
Language: English
Interests: Music, Gardening, Cats, Goats, Sewing, Black Metal, Fantasy Novels. You can see more on my first journal post.
Music: Bands such as but not limited to Burzum, Forgotten Tomb, Mayhem, Evoken, Sun o ))), Pantheist, Darkthrone, Catacombs, and the like.
Movies: American Psycho, Zombies, LOTR.
Books: Favorite authors include R. A. Salvatore, George R. R. Martin, Robert Jordan.
TV: I don't have cable so I rarely ever watch tv. Mostly the news.

Handwrite/Typing: I prefer to write but I have JRA (a form of arthritis) so sometimes I have no choice but to type.
Length of Letters: Any.
Sending Gifts: Currently an unemployed student so probably not unless its hand made.
Time till Response: few days.
Age of Penpal: over 18.
Male/Female: doesn't matter.
Where Do You Want Them To Be From?: doesn't matter.
How Long Have You Been Penpaling?: on and off for 3 years.
How Many Do You Want?: 1 to 3.
What Are You Looking For In a Penpal?: Someone that will continue writing even if life gets buy. A short letter is better than no letter at all. I like to do surveys a lot to so I'm big into questioning each other.
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