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penpals and traveling journal

Right now I am really only looking for email/livejournal pals until I can find a job. I am unemployed/SAHM. I been doing a little babysitting neighbors kids for a little extra cash. That's only on occasion like when they can't find anyone else to baby sit they will pay me.  Anyways, I am 28 years old and into: paranormal, hautings, vampires, werewolves, faeries, dragons, writing, hiking, camping, etc.

I plan to start my version of a "Traveling Journal". If you want to join then email me (twoie2002@yahoo.com) and let me know and I can give you my address.  In my version of the Traveling Journal I am not going to be sending a notebook for you to do what you want with. Instead, take an 8.5 x 11 printer paper and decorate it up (both sides) with something about your area. (example: postcard, explain postcard if possible, movie theater ticket, newspaper clipping, pictures you have taken of the area, etc. Do a little explaining if possible.). Use stuff that explains your area and it's heritage, etc.  tell me how many people live there… birth to death ratio… or whatever.  I think you get the point. I plan to post all this to my livejournal page.

Please be sure to write your first name (at least) and where you are from (state, town, country).
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