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New friends wanted

Name: Laura
Age: 32
Birthday: September 11
Gender: Female
Location: Nashville, TN
E-mail: helloabsalom [at] gmail [dot] com

Religion: I'm a seeker
Language: English
Interests: reading, writing, crafting, birds, crystal healing, tarot, sci-fi of all kinds, exploring my spirituality, going to live concerts, collecting vinyl records and comic books, playing video games, medieval history, renaissance fairs, and spending time with my wonderful fiance and adorable dogs
Music: I love all kinds of music. Here are some of my favorites: Bjork, Pokey La Farge, The Kills, any Jack White related projects, The Flaming Lips, Deftones, Karen Elson, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Seasick Steve, and sooooo many more.
Movies: Star Trek movies (old and new), Star Wars, Batman films (minus the terrible Batman Forever and Batman and Robin), Harry Potter films, Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, Christopher Guest's films (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, etc.), Drop Dead Fred, and The Wall movie are just some of my favorites.
Books: Anything by Neil Gaiman and books by Alison Weir. I also really love the Harry Potter books, Ender's Game, and Star Trek novels.
TV: We watch a lot of t.v in this house. We love The Walking Dead, Star Trek reruns, Family Guy, Friends, Fringe, Modern Family, Arrested Development, and my favorite show of the moment -- Adventure Time!

Handwrite/Typing: I typically hand write all of my letters. I guess I prefer that, but if you'd rather type that's fine too. I know all too well what sore hands feel like! Maybe you can just write me a tiny little handwritten note on your typed letter? ;) Yay compromise!
Length of Letters: I have verbal diarrhea most of the time so my letters can get on the long side! As such, I'd prefer a pal that wants to write a lot as well so I'm not doing all the "talking." I find that I'm regularly telling myself to stop, so my letters aren't painfully long. But they're definitely not one pagers. I'd say somewhere in the range of 5-15 pages depending on my mood.
Sending Gifts: Maybe as the friendship progresses we can swap crafts or small gifts.
Time till Response: I try to be as speedy as possible, but I work about 45 hours ever week so it may take me until the weekend to get to it.
Age of Penpal: 25-40
Male/Female: Female
Where Do You Want Them To Be From?: Anywhere! You can find friends in any part of the world.
How Long Have You Been Penpaling?: For over a decade
How Many Do You Want?: I guess as many who are interested in writing to me.
What Are You Looking For In a Penpal?: I really want someone who can relate to me and who's interested in what I have to say. My letters can be a little stream of consciousness so I hope I can find someone who doesn't mind if I'm a little scattered from time to time. It'd be neat to find someone I can talk to about my spiritual quest as I explore different things. I want someone who's open minded and not judgmental. :)

Please feel free to message via LJ, leave a comment or send an email. I look forward to hearing from you!
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